Diary of A Mad Opinionated Woman

At my place of business there is a kiosk for a well known phone company. I won’t name any names ::cough cough cough cough:: The people who work there are annoying and reside on so many levels of EPIC FAIL as possible not my favorite people. The most annoying of all are when the guys cup their hands to their mouths and make some annoying bird whistle sound. It.drives.me.inSANE. Finally tonight I had had enough of their shenanigans so my co-worker co-conspirer and I let them know about our distaste of their actions.

Okay, okay, are we 12 for doing this? Perhaps, but at the same time, they may take the time to read it [briefly look confuzzled while trying to look up the word ostentatious] and keep the bird whistling only to when they’re trying to impress a girl at a bar.

Escuela mas cambios

Need to translate? “School more updates” or “More school updates” 🙂
I took my first quiz this week of the semester, in pre-cal, and I’d like to think I aced it like the dead man’s hand in poker.

Tonight though, my geekness intellectualism of the Science persuaison was uncovered when one of the guys commented on my vast knowledge of the chemical combinations and symbols the teacher writes on the board when talking about minerals and rocks. Brother, you’d be proud. One of the negatives of this class is that my final is due NEXT WEEK. Its about Karst Topography (aka caves) so I’ll be working on that this weekend when I have a break. It gives me a great excuse to watch my Planet Earth DVD on caves as well.

I am getting my first glimpse of teaching math this semester since the husband is taking college algebra. I have to admit, I judge his math teacher for a handful of reasons including telling his students not to simplify as well as calling the squaring of polynomials the formula with the “magical zeros” I’m sorry, what? I didn’t see Harry Potter in the the class, perhaps he was absent this past week.

Anywho, the poor husband is not near as advanced in math as I am [I never expected him to be] so this semester’s tutoring will be good for the both of us.

As Promised

School: How Can I Enjoy Math So Early in the Morning?

I tend to be exceedingly over dramatic about a lot of things. Don’t expect any less from this post.
When I was getting ready to sign up for classes this semester I was on cloud 9 because I was finally able to take another math class. Granted, its only Pre-Cal and not Cal 1, but I can’t complain and of course the teacher recommended the class and I trust his opinion because he did so awesome at teaching recapping Algebra to me last spring. When I went to sign up for classes and I saw Pre-Cal I swear angels were overhead of me singing Hallelujah! All of the sudden though, those angels dissipated into the bowels of hell and Cerberus almost bit off my finger when I saw the time it started M-Thus. 8AM let me rephrase that M-Thus. EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!!

Do you see the viciousness in the eyes? I do.

Laugh at my predicament all you want, for someone who isn’t accustomed to being up at 7am anymore, and who also has problems going to bed on any given night before 1 or 2 in the morning, 8am is devastating. How on Earth am I going to enjoy math when I should still be sleeping?

However I have found a cure that is slowly helping kill my blues. The Magic School Bus plays from 7-8 every morning so I get to learn before learning get to watch cartoons before I go to school. Flashback to my yesteryear? Perhaps. A reason to get out of bed in the morning? Definitely. Waking up with the Frizz every morning does make me a little sad about going to school though, because I’ll never be turned into a fish, or baked in a cake.

Did I learn about food chains by being eaten? No. I wish I had though, it’d be interesting.

I can’t give you an inside look at all my classes yet because I’m still getting a feel for them.

My pre-cal class rocks, obviously. My other classes though, I’m not so sure yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that after maybe the first tests.

On the home front, its trashed. Partially because I have zero time to clean it, but mainly because I can make anything, including TV and blogging :-), more important , can procrastinate like a champ am lazy. Oh also, I’m still working on my blanket. Its a work in progress, but it is progressing I promise! Maybe it’ll be done by the time its too hot to use it. The silver lining though, is that I haven’t sewn a needle through my finger yet.

Until the next time, stay saucy my friends!

People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

I hope you all sang that in your head like I did. Too young to know what song that is? Click Here

I promise I tried to find a vid less Trekkie nerdalicious, but to no avail. The song itself is pretty nerdy itself, but fo’ realz its true.

Remember Sparta from my halloween post? Her name is Giselle (for internets/security purposes) and after January, she has successfully made her presence known as my best friend.

ON JANUARY 2ND MY ENTIRE LIFE had 10 years cut from it FINALLY HAD A PURPOSE. Ladies and gentlemen, I went to a Nick Jonas concert

And yes I’m that terrible of a friend to force by shotgun point drag poor Giselle with me. We took a picture for proof, and perhaps embarrassing blackmail a little later in life.

I was feeling a little pale that day and like usual Giselle was glowing 🙂

Have you cleaned up that water you spit all over your screen from shock yet? Good, lets carry on then. Ok, let me dish, the kid was GOOD! He may not be able to vote yet, but homefry has a talent that trumps most bands/singers these days, and to add he wrote most/all those songs, dude he deserves his success. He was by himself with his new side band Nick Jonas & the Administration. I originally expected it to be very John Mayer-esque [sans the manwhore “I just picked up a guitar so I could get laid” attitude] and was pleasantly proven wrong with a bit more funk. It was Rockin’ with a capital “R” Whoa! Not to mention a few of the band members were part of Prince’s band, which adds a ridiculous amount of awesome points alone, BUT add an afro and a mohawk and you have a freaking sweet night.

You have to squint really to see the mohawk, but I promise its there. Also, his future was so bright he had to wear shades [QUICK! Name the song reference]

Of course I couldn’t leave without a picture of the main star himself. *Sigh* I still giggle and scream like a school girl when I see these pictures. I’m lame, but OMG best.night.ever.

Now that I have nailed my own nerd coffin, in store for next time is School: How Can I Enjoy Math So Early In The Morning?

Keeping with the “boy band” theme, BYE, BYE, BYE!!!


I have a full year coming up, at least for the first six months. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a year ever before!

I’ve already passed one of my excitements which was on Jan 2nd, but that will be another post by itself because it was just.that.awesome. 🙂

More excitement for me in January is I start school again next Tuesday! Yay! I can’t wait! If I had the ability, I think I’d be a lifelong student, which I guess in a way I kind of will be when I become a teacher.

Next I have the post-op appt. about my Crohn’s in February, as well as a release date of an album I’ve been salivating to get ever since I was born I’ve known about it. Stay tuned!
In March I have the premiere of Alice, another twisted delicious film with the [in their own way] gothic duo themselves, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I can feel the pitter-pat of my heart already!

I also think March is when I’ll be talking to the counselor over at the University and hopefully start planning my last 2 years beginning in the FALL!!! O.M.G. I can’t believe it!

April and May are pretty tame for now. Birthday and Anniversary, but those come every 365 days

June is the climactic finish so far to my awesome first part of the year countdown. Wicked is coming to Dallas! I know, I know, I’ve seen it once already but you can not see that too many times. I am PUMPED!!!

The worst countdown so far, is counting down when insurance will finally get back to us on our claim for my car. Yep, thats right folks, I had an EPIC FAIL this past week [on the drive back home on the day of my grandmother’s funeral of all days] I slipped on oil or ice, or a mixture of both driving in FREAKING DALLAS [one more reason to hate that place] and hit a concrete wall of an under/overpass. I am fine, the vehicle most likely isn’t. There wasn’t a lot of damage, but being how old it was and the fact I think the frame is bent or cracked, we’re pretty sure its totaled. Its been almost a week now, the adjustor just looked at it today. Gah I just love ins. companies. We’ve started looking @ vehicles but haven’t gotten too serious about it yet since IDK when we’ll hear back from the adjustor, too bad that little gecko isn’t my agent, I bet he’d help me out.
Until then, keep it juicy y’all!

I Have A Lot to Cover

So bare with me and listen quickly while I talk like Fast Talking FedEx guy from commercials in the 80s.

Went on a trip to San Antonio with Angie. It was tons o’ fun including our awkward hilarious breakthrough into criminal mischeif when we followed random people down the streets until they ran away from us. I have tons o’ pictures, I’ll add ASAP.

Thanksgiving ended November, and I made sure I ended it with a bang. I kissed butt and tried to make myself look better than the other wives wanted to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in my own [new] home, but the Mr. had to work. My plan was ruined right? Heck no, I cooked for the officers who worked that night. It was such a hit, I plan on doing it once a quarter now so they’ll have something to eat other than IHOP and Whataburger at 2am. I’m not doing anything better at 2am, right? Right.

The first week of December I welcomed with open arms because it was finals week for school! Of course, walking out of the classrooms after taking my finals, my arms were no longer open, but my head was slumped a little bit and I was feeling uneasy about my grades. All is well though, I passed with flying B’s. I’m not happy about my B’s but honestly with these classes, I’m happy I passed all my classes. I’ll have to make up my poor grades with this coming semester. Here’s the new line-up:

  • Pre-Cal
  • Physical Geology
  • History of Western Civilization

I’ll get back to you on my forecast for this upcoming semester after school starts Jan 18th.

Also in December it SNOWED in Texas. TWICE IN ONE WEEK!!! Again, I’ll have to take pictures. My girls up North laughed at me and called it ‘frost’ but seriously 6″ of snow at once is amazing and a sight to see down in these parts.

Also I got my ninja-phone, better than iPhone new phone the Verizon Droid. So.Fantabulously.Awesome. I’ll need to take an entire post just to explain all my different freakin’ sweet apps I have. Seriously, nothing compares. Nothing compares… to you.

Now if I get busy in real life, I can still update y’all, just without the unnecessary awesome, thought-provoking pictures. I promise it won’t be random sentences like Twitter shouting off when I’m stuck in traffic, or need to pee, or waiting in line at Long John Silvers.

Finally a giant man in red came to visit us at the end of the month.

No worries though, I threw a green shell at him and he ran away. THEN another man in red came, this time it was Santa Clause. After a few hours of litigation, I finally decided not to press trespassing charges against him and he was so happy that he left us with loads of gifts. Some of which may be left-handed scissors for a certain awesome human being (a.k.a.


As well as a new sewing machine! So get ready to see posts about me getting frustrated at said machine and wanting to shoot it with a tommy gun making things! Up first is a blanket. I have 6 of the 240 squares cut for the blanket. Go me!

I have tons more I need to update as well, but that is the most of it for now. Also some of it just isn’t as exciting without pictures. And even more of it is still not exciting even with pictures, but I’ll show them to you anyways! Until then goodbye and goodnight!