iTunes, You Are the Bain of My Existence

As I recently stated [and most of you clearly already know] OCD is a big part of who I am. I have no qualms with it either, I believe it makes me a more eccentric and organized person. Unfortunately, iTunes mocks my OCD every waking second of the day.

I try to keep all incoming music as clean and neat as possible and I had been doing so well since importing all the music to the new computer. Not to mention my iPod is nearly a picture of perfection. All of my organization happiness was flushed down the proverbial porcelain [ok hold up, porcelain has an “a” in it? is it silent for the rest of you or do I just pronounce it incorrectly like a laundry list of other words?] toilet when for some unknown reason about a week ago iTunes erased my entire library. Apparently iTunes only backsup your libraries every time you update iTunes and the last time that happened was sometime in October which means hundreds almost thousands of songs and hours of my time were missing stolen from me and launched into the abyss and I have yet to be able to find those songs/files on my computer. Not to mention I have a ton of songs I had previously deleted creeping up again in a dark alley in my library as well as doubles of songs that I had already gotten rid of and mis-titled, album cover missing, incorrect genre, and wrongly categorized albums and songs staring me in the face taunting me.

To make matters worse, I can’t import anything from my iPod to the Tunes because of their ridiculous obsession of making everyone’s lives extra complicated fear of pirated music and their inability to make money off of everyone they encounter. Also, if I make a change to something in the Tunes, it doesn’t automatically change it in the Pod, you have to manually change it in both areas. My OCD never took extra time out of my life until iTunes entered into it. So the next time I’m bored out of my mind not busy [ha, what does not busy mean?] I have to go through every single song and fix it/delete it/finish entering the information in it all before updating my Tunes and saving my current Library.

Dear iTunes,

Oh and P.S. do you see what time it currently is as I type this? 1.30am. Yep, my body has yet again taken the belief that sleep is for the dead

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