Since when does November come so early in the year? I feel like this entire year has been put on fast forward and the batteries in the remote are dead so I can’t pause it, or play in regular time. I can’t believe it. Oh but I am so glad it is happening so fast, this semester won’t end soon enough. Y’all know my struggles in BritLit and my History class is a little challenging as well because I can’t tell what is necessary to know and what is just random “fun facts” he throws in there. Lord help me if I turn into a “fun fact” teacher, I know I have a strong chance of it.

Speaking of November, the minute the hand struck midnight Halloween night is the minute Christmas invaded threw up all over retail stores. People should seriously wear masks, I think Mr. Chrismtas has H1N1 because his mess is EVERYWHERE. People excited to sing carols, everyone talking about shopping for folks. This is directed to everyone, everywhere. Saygi duy Turkiye [roughly translated from Turkish to English to RESPECT THE TURKEY] Get it? Turkish? Hahaha The only thing I’m slightly excited for is decorating the tree and my premature excitment stems from the fact that my sister and mother were allergic to real trees so we always had a fake one. I LOVE real trees and last year was my first year with a real tree since I was like 3ish? I also already have my outside decorations planned due to my love obsession with Peanuts. I’m going to make Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree:

and I saw an inflatable of Snoopy laying on his decorated house exactly like in the picture above. As soon as I can figure it out, I want to have the kids gathered around the tree singing too, but that may take a few more years of engineering before I get that up.

I don’t plan on making all of the characters, I don’t think I have the room for that, but maybe 4-5. Coming to a Christmas card near you!

My lack of excitement for Christmas could mostly be stemmed from the fact that my first name is a popular one for the Christmas carols, and since I can remember I get said carols sung to me almost every.single.time. they first find out my name, or Christmas time rolls around, as if I had never met someone as creative unimaginative as them. I have perfected my fake laugh over the years. What do you think?

So BACK OFF CHRISTMAS. Wait until after we celebrate the slaughter of American Indians thanks to the diseases brought over by the original pilgrims to America.

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