A Maylay of Random Things

I promise I’ll get better at updating more than once a week. I’m currently still a little inebriated so bear with me in my efforts to update you on my nothingness.

I’m [re]learning how to play the piano, starting off with Sweet Caroline. Originally by Neil Diamond, but I chose the Elvis version in hopes that it wouldn’t permantently stick me in the “Loser” bin in at the local CD/Album store 🙂

In my time off I’m re-teaching myself to read music as well as re-doing all of my math from the previous semester. Why? Because I’m nerdy enough to think this is fun it helps me relax. Yes, I just used the words “relax” and “math” in the same sentence you know you secretly cringe love me for it. I can help any homefry with their math homework like their life depended on it and that is beyond a superhero talent. Don’t belive me? How many of you would like to help someone with their math homework? Yea, thats what I thought. Just call me Pi-rate

There is a new show on the Science Channel (yes, we pay an additional $20 a month so I can watch the Science Channel, NatGeo Channel and History International channel) called Head Games. Absolutely ah.may.zing. No joke, I am smarter than most of the contestants learn so much and so many fun experiments to try with future spawn it is outstanding.

It has been what two or three weeks since we carved our pumpkins, right? Unfortunately they have not survived for their big breakthrough. I admit, I may have been OBSESSED slightly excited to carve them that it may have been a tad bit too early but oh well, I at least have proof of the most badass pumpkins ever to be known on the planet without a doubt. Halloween is coming tomorrow and I have already sorted out all the candy that the husband and I don’t like, in hopes of handing it out to unsuspecting excited little boys and girls dressed in costumes. Is that wrong of me? Uh no, perhaps they’ll eat it seeing as how we won’t. Its practical if you ask me.

In updates on my insides from a few weeks ago, the CT scan came back normal. Unfortunately for me (and maybe some of you) my bloodwork came back positive for Crohn’s Disease. Please don’t ask me what Crohn’s Disease is for the plain and simple fact that I have no clue not researched it enough to give anybody and educated explination of what it is. As far as I know it has somthing to do with ulcers. I also learned that it is not cureable but just manageable, meaning I will be just maintaining it for the rest of my life. Add that to the eczema and the other secret issue I have. Seriously, I’m 24 and if when I end up getting medication for this as well as my Vitamin D insuffeciency I will be taking in upwards of 5-6 pills a day. Kill.Me.Now. I’m twenty-freaking-four and I am thisclose to needing one of those daily pill despensers. No joke. Say a prayer for me because if I get diagnosed for one more thing, I swear I’m just going to start planning my impending death including casket shopping at Wal-Mart. I dare you to click that link. O.M.G. DID YOU DO IT?? Yes Wal-Mart sells caskets for the cheap economical conscientious individual of today. In the words of Mr. Burns “Egggcellent”

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