History Channel you have out done yourself recently

I am a ginormous fan of all educational channels on TV. The Science Channel, NatGeo, the History Channel (and History International) are my top 3 to check when I am looking for something exciting to watch on tv. Unfortunately, the History Channel had gotten a little too we have no more ideas left “reality tv bandwagon” for me; up until now. I have been consistantly DVR’ing the THC for the past few weeks to months. I have been chomping at the bit impatiently waiting to get enough time to watch all my new shows including JFK: 3 Shots that Changed the World (ridiculously amazing BTW) and Clash of the Gods (generally about greek & roman mythological creatures/people) but I have made a complete 180 on my most present uninterest with THC with the show Death Masks. I am currently watching this show and it is FAN-TAS-TIC. The show uses real life historical death and live masks of historical figures and combines it with current computer technology to make computer generated pictures of people from George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Dillinger and currently William Shakespeare.

Can I just say that OMG I am astounded. To see the difference of Abraham Lincoln’s face a few months before he began his presidency and his face just 2 weeks before his assasination. Completely.different.person. Presidency ages all, but seriously homeboy really wore his stress and his life on his face. George Washington HATED the painting of him used for the $1 bill (boy don’t you think he’s pissed off now) and looked just about nothing like the painting. He also started his presidency with 3 teeth and ended it with just one [see kids? That is what sugar will do to your teeth, no joke it was because of all his sugar intake].

I could seriously go on and on but I won’t, just so long that the next time you’re looking for something to watch on television give one of those shows listed above a shot. Learning is an amazing tool and can be fun, surprising and amazing all at the same time. Just give it a shot!

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