Let us recap my week

since laziness has overcome me…again. Actually, this week has been busy but I can’t seem to put my finger on what makes it so busy. I just feel like I’ve been wandering around doing who knows what without a break.

On Sunday, the Mr. and I ventured out into wild blue yonder of Wal-Mart in hopes of finding this terrifying amazing outfit in my size.

Sadly, they did not have the outfit so we picked up pumpkins instead. Since this is our first halloween (lets be honest, living on 5 acres makes it pointless to decorate; you get no trick-or-treaters) we wanted to go all out on our pumpkins and seriously we.went.all.out. Take a look

With naive spirits at 11pm we began. He got 2 pumpkins and two patterns: Bender from Futurama and Scooby-Doo, I had one: Linus, Snoopy and Charlie Brown waiting in a pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.

We got the pumpkin torture tools, some of them we didn’t know what to do with so he read the directions. Turns out we didn’t need to use more than half of them

And the massacre began. It was pretty nasty, pumpkin guts were flying everywhere.

Like I stated before, half of the tools were pointless, the others Magilla Gorilla the husband broke less than halfway into the ordeal so we switched to steak knives.

Let me tell you, patterns are a God-send. For someone who lacks all artistic skills my pumpkin would probably look like this if it weren’t for a pattern.

The first pumpkin done was Bender. At the same time Bender was done, my pumpkin was still looking rather “un-jack-o-lanterny.” The main outline wasn’t even done yet.

Husband’s Pumpkin #2 was on the chopping block next and this time, I had finally finished my freaking awesome pumpkin.

It took the Mr. probably a total of 3 hours to do both his pumpkins, it took me over FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. Remember I said we started at 11pm? I wasn’t finished until 5 in the morning when clean up was all finished, but it was so totally worth it. I love my pumpkin and wish I could preserve it forever. Unfortunately, its already starting to show its age so I doubt it’ll last much longer after Halloween. Although it took forever and a day to complete, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this pumpkin every.single.year. Maybe one of the years the Great Pumpkin will see it. One can only hope 🙂

On Monday I had a mid-term in my BritLit class. When I went to leave, the teacher was outside talking to another student and asked me how I thought the test was and if I thought the class was challenging O_o I asked him ‘Really?’ He said yes, so I went on to explain to him that every class discussion that has happened I’ve been completely lost in. I told him if they were handing out maps for his class I’d take all of them because I am CONSTANTLY LOST. He was genuinely surprised. Did my terrible quiz grades not give away my inability to understand 15th century British writers? Apparently not. It was quite comical. I had a good laugh afterwards and even called my mom to share a laugh with her about it. How could he not see my deer in headlights look every time he opens his mouth?

On Tuesday I went to get bloodwork done. Six vials of blood was drained from my arm. I asked the nurse if I was going to be able to keep any blood for myself. She laughed, I cried (not really). Overall this year I’ve counted about 13-15 vials of blood (probably more that I can’t remember) taken from me this year and that doesn’t include the time I donated blood VOLUNTARILY. Once again, I was the only person there sans grey hair and a blue handicap tag hanging on my rearview mirror. What made it all better is that Transformers 2 came out WOOT!!!! We bought it, we watched it, we fell in love all over again. My Christmas list this year consists of BumbleBee. Not just the car, I want it to transform, be my guardian, and have the awesome personality (not like NightRider or Herbie, they’re so not cool anymore)

Wednesday wasn’t absolutely spectacular until my History class. Even the class wasn’t spectacular. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and I was trying to conceal yawns from the minute it began. To try and wake up a bit, I start looking around the class at other people. One girl’s head kept bobbing up and down on her hand like a pogo stick so I took a closer look. She was falling asleep, EXCELLENT! I kept watching in hopes that she’d bang her head against the desk just once. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE JUST ONCE. No dice however, when our first 10 minute break started I saw magic 2 rows behind me. A guy had passed smooth out onto his laptop. We’re talking ‘this kid is going to wake up with keys on his face’ passed out. Yes! My prayer had been answered! What made it even better is he stayed asleep through the break, class started again and the teacher obviously noticed homefry was asleep. Classic. He slept for another 20 minutes! TWENTY MINUTES INTO LECTURE and Sleeping Beauty finally woke up and alerted us all of his awakening by dropping his laptop on the ground. O.M.G. the best night I have ever had in class. Here’s a pic of said kid. Its a bad picture, I took it with my phone and tried to be stealth like a ninja. His white bill is sticking up above his laptop on the left hand side of the picture right next to the green (thats my jacket).

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