I just got back from North Dallas today from hanging out with awesome Ang-bizzle and the fabulosity that is the State Fair of Texas. Before you go passing judgement on our waistlines, I’m proud to say the only thing “fair food” consumed that day was a bag of cotton candy (only halfway empty too!).

I only have a few pics currently, but Ang has some on her phone as well. Also, they are from a phone so sorry in advance for the fact that they suck. We went on a what turned out to be impossible mission in search of Halloween decorations and wound up at a Halloween store that had more costumes than decor which sucked for our mission but ROCKED for our splendidness. First up, after a major score with my new sunglasses (I wish!) we discovered the pirate hats. Being Pi-rates (as seen below on the t-shirt I will own in the future) originally, the hats were only fitting.

Next, we found the gladiator section and A wanted to let the world know that She’s gangster y’all, I wouldn’t mess with her, her large sword, or her amazing pecs of steel.

Unfortunately, after the Sparta ordeal we were adamently chased around the store by an employee who informed us we can’t take pictures inside the store. Employee, if you are reading this, I promise you it was unnecessary to follow us around the store like the CIA. It is just a Halloween store and we came in peace, not to thwart y’all of your business of plastic molded outfits to be worn for one night. Besides, we didn’t find anything else good enough to photograph in your store, so YOU LOSE! We decided to end the day with a sweet treat A SNOCONE! Trying to be good to my figure knowing I was going to chow down on some cotton candy the next day, I orderd a small banana snocone. Let me say that again, I ordered a SMALL banana snocone. Apparently the intercom wasn’t working that day because instead of hearing small, I think the snocone lady heard GIGANTOR and in return this is what I received. Chock full of banana goodness, I did what any self respecting lady would do. I chowed down until nothing remained.

I had planned for a few weeks to head up to the Big D and surprise the little sister and take her to the fair. I was keeping the secret until we arrived at the fair itself so the night before I had told her multiple times that we were going to Mexico, she was quite excited 🙂 The day of, we got up and I drove towards the final destination and of course bubbling with anticipation the “surprisee” fell asleep within 15 minutes of being in the car. Afer finally arriving, parking and cruising in tram to take us to the opening gate, I was trying to coax out of her where she thought she was. The top of the infamous ferris wheel the “Texas Star” was visible over the rail road bridge and I asked her what she thought it was, only answering with a ride? I agreed and she replied yelled with excitement SIX FLAGS! A part of me died inside, crap I already failed. I told her no and gave her a few tips which brought about a questionable Big Tex? YES! Where does Big Tex live? In Texas? Well, yes, but what part of Texas? The State…Fair of Texas!?! She then proceeded to call mom and let her know where she think she thought she was.
As we get inside the gates and the first attraction we saw was Boris III; the 1100 lb, 4 year old compact car pig. Ahh Big City, Texas, where we take pictures of ourselves next to John Deere tractors and ooh and ahh over an 1100 lb. piece of bacon. You’ll be a delicious side dish to pankcakes and eggs one day Boris. Good luck.

Also, I took a picture of this fountain/sculpture. Can you count all the different animals mashed together? With a couple more baby steps in genetic mutation I’m sure this creature will be for sale along with all those designer dogs or what I like to lovingly call MUTTS.

We watched some live show about birds of the world and managed to pick spectacular seats to be almost harrassed by an eagle. We were lucky to be far away enough to not be picked to go onstage and be chased into the fake pond by a giant stork of some sort trying to get a fish. That is right folks, while being chosen to be part of a demonstration a poor girl was hilariously unfortunately chased into the pond on the stage by an over 4′ tall stork who thought he needed to “rough up” the volunteer in order to get that deliciou sardine out of her hand. And he was right! Even after falling in the pond she kept a strong grip on the poor little bait (too bad it wasn’t a flying fish, it could have saved her). She was drenched, everyone laughed, overall it was an enjoyable time.

We had originally agreed that the only ride we would go on was the amazing Texas Star because lets face it, fair rides aren’t exactly the most safest and steadfast rides you could bet your life on. Someone up above must have been thinking the same thing because the enjoyable journey that is the ferris wheel was broken for the SECOND time that day. It was pretty to look at though, maybe next year I’ll try and chance it. With a helmet of course.

And what kind of State Fair of Texas would this be with out the one and only Creepy Giant Guy Big Tex! I’m not going to lie, this giant dude has creeped me out since day one. Something about his face seems shifty and everyone who’s anyone knows those are not the kind of legs a true cowboy would have and why is his chest so puffed up? Is he holding his breath because he has the hiccups? I’m telling y’all, somethings not kosher about him.

As you can see there were grey skies all around us that day but rain never fell so we can’t complain.

Unfortunately for me however, on the drive back home the slight fog in higher altitude expanded its turf and took over the lower altitude also (or as the fog gangs like to call it “Southside”)

What is that you say? You can’t see? Well I couldn’t either and it only got worse, which led to an exciting trip home. I did indeed make it home though (rocking out with the Converse, my next pair will be pink), so all is well in the house tonight after an awesome trip and tons ‘o fun with the sister

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