What A Weekend!

Our weekends start Sunday and end Tuesday thanks to the Mr’s workschedule, crime doesn’t take a day off you know, and this past weekend was OUTSTANDING!!!

One of Mr’s friends came to visit him and after yelling at and insulting Romo and his inept ability to throw nothing but his purse, what better to do with friends than to shoot wildlife? We went out to a family friend’s field to go dove hunting

After a while in the field, we decided to walk through some trees and “nature”, as I like to call it, to find some nearby tanks. I agreed to this nature walk not knowing it would take me 5 years with an expensive psychiatrist just to be able to sleep at night. THE SPIDERS WERE HUGE. I have never been a fan of spiders, even in our previous home on 5 acres spiders still scared the bajeebus out of me. These spiders weren’t your everyday small as a tic-tac spider. No no, these suckers were about the size of a 50-cent piece NO JOKE. There were red ones, white ones, brown ones, iridescent ones, they.were.everywhere. So I only did what I could do, I shot them with my shotgun. That is right folks, I shot them. A little overkill you say? Perhaps, but I didn’t have any 8 legged freaks walking around me that day. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating and we ended up getting only one bird that day about 15 minutes before we left.

On Monday, being the kind of person I am, I passed on the morning hunt. Something about getting up before the sun comes up just doesn’t sounds right. When the boys got back from the morning hunt they were empty handed. See? I was right. Moving along, I read the entire day for class that night while the boys got some sleep. When I had come back from class we ate fajitas real quick (nom nom nom) and decided to go back out to the field at about 11pm at night because Mr and MrBFF had put some corn out for hogs later on in the day. So we sat in the field for a good while with no.such.luck. BUT we weren’t leaving without a fight so we drove around looking for anything pigs, raccoons, etc and what do you know and armadillo comes walking out all gangster in front of the car. Not for long 🙂 Y’all can now feel a little safer driving now, the road is one less armadillo.

The most fun I had this weekend was by far Tuesday night. It had been raining on and off all.day.long. We went out to the field and all it was, was pure mud. These are terrible pictures because I was too busy playing in the mud during daytime and didn’t think to snap a pic until after the sun had gone down. I assure you, this was the only part that had any form of grass on it.

Seriously I had a blast, the only thing that could have made it better would be if we could have ridden on the 4-wheeler and got NASTY muddy. Some of the parts were quickmud (think quicksand, with dirt) I lost my shoes on multiple occassions and even needed assistance getting pulled out a few times because my feet were so sunken in. Those boots are suppose to be black.

I also made sure to stay on the most slippery parts as well, its only the most fun. I had mastered the slipperyness and was gliding and spinning and turning. I had done so well when we were finally leaving I was showing off my boss moves to the boys and almost ate it. I thankfully caught myself with just one hand, because that is how nifty I am.

Overall, it was the coolest weekend I have had in quite some time.

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