Insomnia Sucks

Seriously (I say seriously too much) I have yet to go to sleep tonight/this morning. My alarm clock goes off in T-minus 3.30 hours. This crap is really getting old. I have tried multiple things:

  • turning off the computer and all other stimulation [TV] off at 10:00. no dice
  • turning off the computer yet leaving the TV or radio on for hearing stimulation. FAIL
  • pills. hit or miss
  • “thinking about nothing”. uh yea right, trying to tell my brain to shut off is impossible
  • counting down, counting up, counting down by 3’s starting at 999, and counting up by squares or prime numbers. numbers are fun, wrong direction
  • hot milk. until winter comes along, not happening. all that would do would make me sleepy while lying awake sweating glistening like a pig
the list keeps going. Tonight’s sleep inducing activities include multiple songs stuck in my head, multiple questions going through my mind, hunting (dove mainly), still living in Dallas, writing 10+ different blog posts in my head (a few of them are really good, unfortunately you’ll have to wait on them), singing along to Sweeney Todd, learning about the crazy astronaut diaper lady thanks to the ID channel and I’m currently learning about the Heaven’s Gate cult again, thanks to the ID channel. The only thing I was looking forward to is my usual two friends that acompany me with my insomnia, Magic School Bus and The Adventures of Captain Planet. Unfortunately for me, my sleep hell delimma is happening on a Sunday morning and apparently the captain of our planet is off on the Sabbath.

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