A Maylay of Random Things

I promise I’ll get better at updating more than once a week. I’m currently still a little inebriated so bear with me in my efforts to update you on my nothingness.

I’m [re]learning how to play the piano, starting off with Sweet Caroline. Originally by Neil Diamond, but I chose the Elvis version in hopes that it wouldn’t permantently stick me in the “Loser” bin in at the local CD/Album store 🙂

In my time off I’m re-teaching myself to read music as well as re-doing all of my math from the previous semester. Why? Because I’m nerdy enough to think this is fun it helps me relax. Yes, I just used the words “relax” and “math” in the same sentence you know you secretly cringe love me for it. I can help any homefry with their math homework like their life depended on it and that is beyond a superhero talent. Don’t belive me? How many of you would like to help someone with their math homework? Yea, thats what I thought. Just call me Pi-rate

There is a new show on the Science Channel (yes, we pay an additional $20 a month so I can watch the Science Channel, NatGeo Channel and History International channel) called Head Games. Absolutely ah.may.zing. No joke, I am smarter than most of the contestants learn so much and so many fun experiments to try with future spawn it is outstanding.

It has been what two or three weeks since we carved our pumpkins, right? Unfortunately they have not survived for their big breakthrough. I admit, I may have been OBSESSED slightly excited to carve them that it may have been a tad bit too early but oh well, I at least have proof of the most badass pumpkins ever to be known on the planet without a doubt. Halloween is coming tomorrow and I have already sorted out all the candy that the husband and I don’t like, in hopes of handing it out to unsuspecting excited little boys and girls dressed in costumes. Is that wrong of me? Uh no, perhaps they’ll eat it seeing as how we won’t. Its practical if you ask me.

In updates on my insides from a few weeks ago, the CT scan came back normal. Unfortunately for me (and maybe some of you) my bloodwork came back positive for Crohn’s Disease. Please don’t ask me what Crohn’s Disease is for the plain and simple fact that I have no clue not researched it enough to give anybody and educated explination of what it is. As far as I know it has somthing to do with ulcers. I also learned that it is not cureable but just manageable, meaning I will be just maintaining it for the rest of my life. Add that to the eczema and the other secret issue I have. Seriously, I’m 24 and if when I end up getting medication for this as well as my Vitamin D insuffeciency I will be taking in upwards of 5-6 pills a day. Kill.Me.Now. I’m twenty-freaking-four and I am thisclose to needing one of those daily pill despensers. No joke. Say a prayer for me because if I get diagnosed for one more thing, I swear I’m just going to start planning my impending death including casket shopping at Wal-Mart. I dare you to click that link. O.M.G. DID YOU DO IT?? Yes Wal-Mart sells caskets for the cheap economical conscientious individual of today. In the words of Mr. Burns “Egggcellent”

History Channel you have out done yourself recently

I am a ginormous fan of all educational channels on TV. The Science Channel, NatGeo, the History Channel (and History International) are my top 3 to check when I am looking for something exciting to watch on tv. Unfortunately, the History Channel had gotten a little too we have no more ideas left “reality tv bandwagon” for me; up until now. I have been consistantly DVR’ing the THC for the past few weeks to months. I have been chomping at the bit impatiently waiting to get enough time to watch all my new shows including JFK: 3 Shots that Changed the World (ridiculously amazing BTW) and Clash of the Gods (generally about greek & roman mythological creatures/people) but I have made a complete 180 on my most present uninterest with THC with the show Death Masks. I am currently watching this show and it is FAN-TAS-TIC. The show uses real life historical death and live masks of historical figures and combines it with current computer technology to make computer generated pictures of people from George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Dillinger and currently William Shakespeare.

Can I just say that OMG I am astounded. To see the difference of Abraham Lincoln’s face a few months before he began his presidency and his face just 2 weeks before his assasination. Completely.different.person. Presidency ages all, but seriously homeboy really wore his stress and his life on his face. George Washington HATED the painting of him used for the $1 bill (boy don’t you think he’s pissed off now) and looked just about nothing like the painting. He also started his presidency with 3 teeth and ended it with just one [see kids? That is what sugar will do to your teeth, no joke it was because of all his sugar intake].

I could seriously go on and on but I won’t, just so long that the next time you’re looking for something to watch on television give one of those shows listed above a shot. Learning is an amazing tool and can be fun, surprising and amazing all at the same time. Just give it a shot!

An Important Post

Go here and read about this man and this portrait.

I just saw it for the first time today, but I love this picture. Not just the portrait itself (which I do love by itself), but I love this picture of him looking at his portrait.
I love this man for his strength and bravery, not only being overseas but being brave enough to let the rest of us see him, show us what happened to him during the war and brave enough to carry on his name through that portrait for which he will be forever remembered by. I also love that he’s wearing his Army shirt in the picture. To me it means that although this has happened to him, he’s still proud of being a soldier and still proud of what he and his brothers are doing over there.
You can check out more of the artist’s work here.

Let us recap my week

since laziness has overcome me…again. Actually, this week has been busy but I can’t seem to put my finger on what makes it so busy. I just feel like I’ve been wandering around doing who knows what without a break.

On Sunday, the Mr. and I ventured out into wild blue yonder of Wal-Mart in hopes of finding this terrifying amazing outfit in my size.

Sadly, they did not have the outfit so we picked up pumpkins instead. Since this is our first halloween (lets be honest, living on 5 acres makes it pointless to decorate; you get no trick-or-treaters) we wanted to go all out on our pumpkins and seriously we.went.all.out. Take a look

With naive spirits at 11pm we began. He got 2 pumpkins and two patterns: Bender from Futurama and Scooby-Doo, I had one: Linus, Snoopy and Charlie Brown waiting in a pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.

We got the pumpkin torture tools, some of them we didn’t know what to do with so he read the directions. Turns out we didn’t need to use more than half of them

And the massacre began. It was pretty nasty, pumpkin guts were flying everywhere.

Like I stated before, half of the tools were pointless, the others Magilla Gorilla the husband broke less than halfway into the ordeal so we switched to steak knives.

Let me tell you, patterns are a God-send. For someone who lacks all artistic skills my pumpkin would probably look like this if it weren’t for a pattern.

The first pumpkin done was Bender. At the same time Bender was done, my pumpkin was still looking rather “un-jack-o-lanterny.” The main outline wasn’t even done yet.

Husband’s Pumpkin #2 was on the chopping block next and this time, I had finally finished my freaking awesome pumpkin.

It took the Mr. probably a total of 3 hours to do both his pumpkins, it took me over FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. Remember I said we started at 11pm? I wasn’t finished until 5 in the morning when clean up was all finished, but it was so totally worth it. I love my pumpkin and wish I could preserve it forever. Unfortunately, its already starting to show its age so I doubt it’ll last much longer after Halloween. Although it took forever and a day to complete, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this pumpkin every.single.year. Maybe one of the years the Great Pumpkin will see it. One can only hope 🙂

On Monday I had a mid-term in my BritLit class. When I went to leave, the teacher was outside talking to another student and asked me how I thought the test was and if I thought the class was challenging O_o I asked him ‘Really?’ He said yes, so I went on to explain to him that every class discussion that has happened I’ve been completely lost in. I told him if they were handing out maps for his class I’d take all of them because I am CONSTANTLY LOST. He was genuinely surprised. Did my terrible quiz grades not give away my inability to understand 15th century British writers? Apparently not. It was quite comical. I had a good laugh afterwards and even called my mom to share a laugh with her about it. How could he not see my deer in headlights look every time he opens his mouth?

On Tuesday I went to get bloodwork done. Six vials of blood was drained from my arm. I asked the nurse if I was going to be able to keep any blood for myself. She laughed, I cried (not really). Overall this year I’ve counted about 13-15 vials of blood (probably more that I can’t remember) taken from me this year and that doesn’t include the time I donated blood VOLUNTARILY. Once again, I was the only person there sans grey hair and a blue handicap tag hanging on my rearview mirror. What made it all better is that Transformers 2 came out WOOT!!!! We bought it, we watched it, we fell in love all over again. My Christmas list this year consists of BumbleBee. Not just the car, I want it to transform, be my guardian, and have the awesome personality (not like NightRider or Herbie, they’re so not cool anymore)

Wednesday wasn’t absolutely spectacular until my History class. Even the class wasn’t spectacular. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and I was trying to conceal yawns from the minute it began. To try and wake up a bit, I start looking around the class at other people. One girl’s head kept bobbing up and down on her hand like a pogo stick so I took a closer look. She was falling asleep, EXCELLENT! I kept watching in hopes that she’d bang her head against the desk just once. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE JUST ONCE. No dice however, when our first 10 minute break started I saw magic 2 rows behind me. A guy had passed smooth out onto his laptop. We’re talking ‘this kid is going to wake up with keys on his face’ passed out. Yes! My prayer had been answered! What made it even better is he stayed asleep through the break, class started again and the teacher obviously noticed homefry was asleep. Classic. He slept for another 20 minutes! TWENTY MINUTES INTO LECTURE and Sleeping Beauty finally woke up and alerted us all of his awakening by dropping his laptop on the ground. O.M.G. the best night I have ever had in class. Here’s a pic of said kid. Its a bad picture, I took it with my phone and tried to be stealth like a ninja. His white bill is sticking up above his laptop on the left hand side of the picture right next to the green (thats my jacket).

I know I haven’t blogged

in a ‘business week’ but I have my reasons, and while one of those reasons is laziness it isn’t my top reason. I’ll give you a slight insight, but not to much since I’d prefer it if people stayed out of my insides.

I’ve been having really bad heartburn and indigestion, happening just about daily for MONTHS now so I finally bit the bullet and went to a doctor. Full on expecting to get a small piece of paper for heaven Nexium, I should have known not to get my hopes up. Thanks to my loathsome, atrocious, ghastly generous family medical history the doctor wants to make sure my issues are nothing more serious than a tiny pyro-obsessed demon living in my stomach with fireworks he’s smuggled from who knows where. First up was the abdominal CT scan. Remember my delicious banana snocone I referenced to in an earlier post? I promise this tasted nothing like it. I don’t even think a little pink umbrella would have made it better

The entire thing was full when it started, but I couldn’t drink all of it. My body after about 700mL called it quits and I couldn’t even bribe myself to drink anymore of it (perhaps because I’m currently afraid to eat anything as it is due to the fact that I’ll be in heartburn hell later on). Continuing on, my name was finally called to go in to the room with the CT scanner x-ray thingy. After the nurse put the IV in my arm for the contrast, it felt like she was digging around in my vein for gold. I really almost cried, it was painful and it took a lot of work not to shout profanities at her. They took 3 ‘images’: the first before the contrast, the second right after the contrast was injected and the third was 5 minutes after the contrast was injected. She had warned me right before the contrast of the strange side effects I would feel including a bad taste in my throat, a feeling of warmness and LIKE I HAD JUST PEED MY PANTS. I kid you not she said that to me. It took me a minute to process to which then I had convinced myself this woman (the one with the degree who has done tons of these scans) had no idea what she was talking about. Pee my pants? Something besides peeing your pants could create this sensation? It couldn’t be possible. After the contrast was injected I felt the bad taste in my throat first, then the warmness so I was feeling good, absolutely no issue with feeling like I had just — WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?

I kid you not, even though she mentioned I’d feel it, I was 1,000,000% sure that I had actually just peed all over the table. I just knew I’d be walking out of the office with my head down while the nurses behind me laughed and pointed at the girl who “actually peed herself” No worries though, it turns out I did not in fact do it, apparently its a side effect or something 😉 Overall it was an experience I’m not too interested in doing ever again so lets hope I stay as healthy as I’ve been someone who doesn’t have my family medical history. Thankfully through the entire ordeal I was able to listen to my iPod, which was good since I have the attention span of a squirrel and you have to be still during these kind of events.

On the note of iPods, my tiny 8G friend is full. I have 28.3 MG of room left on it and 214.2 MG of songs that I want to add to it. That doesn’t even include the 6 movies that constantly rotate on and off since I only have room for 2 at a time. I’d love the new Touch, but would prefer the iPod Classics 120G of storage space without the price tag of a Boeing 747. I am also not holding my breath crossing my fingers that Apple and Verizon partner together and come out with Verizon compatible iPhone next year. I’ve cleaned out songs on my little buddy, but my cleaning up usually boils down to me dancing around my room while listening to awesome songs (unfortunately not including anything by Mr. Astley, but I think he stole some of my dance moves).


I just got back from North Dallas today from hanging out with awesome Ang-bizzle and the fabulosity that is the State Fair of Texas. Before you go passing judgement on our waistlines, I’m proud to say the only thing “fair food” consumed that day was a bag of cotton candy (only halfway empty too!).

I only have a few pics currently, but Ang has some on her phone as well. Also, they are from a phone so sorry in advance for the fact that they suck. We went on a what turned out to be impossible mission in search of Halloween decorations and wound up at a Halloween store that had more costumes than decor which sucked for our mission but ROCKED for our splendidness. First up, after a major score with my new sunglasses (I wish!) we discovered the pirate hats. Being Pi-rates (as seen below on the t-shirt I will own in the future) originally, the hats were only fitting.

Next, we found the gladiator section and A wanted to let the world know that She.is.Sparta. She’s gangster y’all, I wouldn’t mess with her, her large sword, or her amazing pecs of steel.

Unfortunately, after the Sparta ordeal we were adamently chased around the store by an employee who informed us we can’t take pictures inside the store. Employee, if you are reading this, I promise you it was unnecessary to follow us around the store like the CIA. It is just a Halloween store and we came in peace, not to thwart y’all of your business of plastic molded outfits to be worn for one night. Besides, we didn’t find anything else good enough to photograph in your store, so YOU LOSE! We decided to end the day with a sweet treat A SNOCONE! Trying to be good to my figure knowing I was going to chow down on some cotton candy the next day, I orderd a small banana snocone. Let me say that again, I ordered a SMALL banana snocone. Apparently the intercom wasn’t working that day because instead of hearing small, I think the snocone lady heard GIGANTOR and in return this is what I received. Chock full of banana goodness, I did what any self respecting lady would do. I chowed down until nothing remained.

I had planned for a few weeks to head up to the Big D and surprise the little sister and take her to the fair. I was keeping the secret until we arrived at the fair itself so the night before I had told her multiple times that we were going to Mexico, she was quite excited 🙂 The day of, we got up and I drove towards the final destination and of course bubbling with anticipation the “surprisee” fell asleep within 15 minutes of being in the car. Afer finally arriving, parking and cruising in tram to take us to the opening gate, I was trying to coax out of her where she thought she was. The top of the infamous ferris wheel the “Texas Star” was visible over the rail road bridge and I asked her what she thought it was, only answering with a ride? I agreed and she replied yelled with excitement SIX FLAGS! A part of me died inside, crap I already failed. I told her no and gave her a few tips which brought about a questionable Big Tex? YES! Where does Big Tex live? In Texas? Well, yes, but what part of Texas? The State…Fair of Texas!?! She then proceeded to call mom and let her know where she think she thought she was.
As we get inside the gates and the first attraction we saw was Boris III; the 1100 lb, 4 year old compact car pig. Ahh Big City, Texas, where we take pictures of ourselves next to John Deere tractors and ooh and ahh over an 1100 lb. piece of bacon. You’ll be a delicious side dish to pankcakes and eggs one day Boris. Good luck.

Also, I took a picture of this fountain/sculpture. Can you count all the different animals mashed together? With a couple more baby steps in genetic mutation I’m sure this creature will be for sale along with all those designer dogs or what I like to lovingly call MUTTS.

We watched some live show about birds of the world and managed to pick spectacular seats to be almost harrassed by an eagle. We were lucky to be far away enough to not be picked to go onstage and be chased into the fake pond by a giant stork of some sort trying to get a fish. That is right folks, while being chosen to be part of a demonstration a poor girl was hilariously unfortunately chased into the pond on the stage by an over 4′ tall stork who thought he needed to “rough up” the volunteer in order to get that deliciou sardine out of her hand. And he was right! Even after falling in the pond she kept a strong grip on the poor little bait (too bad it wasn’t a flying fish, it could have saved her). She was drenched, everyone laughed, overall it was an enjoyable time.

We had originally agreed that the only ride we would go on was the amazing Texas Star because lets face it, fair rides aren’t exactly the most safest and steadfast rides you could bet your life on. Someone up above must have been thinking the same thing because the enjoyable journey that is the ferris wheel was broken for the SECOND time that day. It was pretty to look at though, maybe next year I’ll try and chance it. With a helmet of course.

And what kind of State Fair of Texas would this be with out the one and only Creepy Giant Guy Big Tex! I’m not going to lie, this giant dude has creeped me out since day one. Something about his face seems shifty and everyone who’s anyone knows those are not the kind of legs a true cowboy would have and why is his chest so puffed up? Is he holding his breath because he has the hiccups? I’m telling y’all, somethings not kosher about him.

As you can see there were grey skies all around us that day but rain never fell so we can’t complain.

Unfortunately for me however, on the drive back home the slight fog in higher altitude expanded its turf and took over the lower altitude also (or as the fog gangs like to call it “Southside”)

What is that you say? You can’t see? Well I couldn’t either and it only got worse, which led to an exciting trip home. I did indeed make it home though (rocking out with the Converse, my next pair will be pink), so all is well in the house tonight after an awesome trip and tons ‘o fun with the sister

Lefties Unite!

This post is not my words, but you can find them in their original form here.

Lefties Survive (Barely) Due to Element of Surprise?

Good advice, considering that left-handed people don’t seem to be going anywhere, despite an array of evolutionary cards—from diseases to elevated risk for accidents—stacked against them.
Now scientists say there may be a slightly sinister secret behind the survival of the left-handed minority: the element of surprise.

Whether during a tennis match or a knife fight, approaching from the left often catches the other 90 percent of humanity off guard, according to a team from the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences at the University of Montpellier, France.
Another key advantage, they say: Left-handed men, on average, have greater earning power than their right-handed counterparts.

The Case Against Left-Handed Survival

The researchers trawled through previously collected data on left-handedness for their report, which appears in the latest issue of the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.
They found numerous associated evolutionary costs, such as increased risk of schizophrenia, epilepsy, autism, and learning disabilities.

Southpaws—about one in ten people—also face higher rates of serious accidents, probably because our modern, mechanized society is tooled largely for right-handers, the team said.
Male lefties may also be at a reproductive disadvantage, because their on-average shorter stature is less attractive to females, the researchers say.

Such barriers have helped keep lefties in the minority: Around the world no population has been found to be more than 30 percent left-handed.

From Out of Left Field

Given the evolutionary marks against them, how has the left-handed minority managed to dodge extinction?

A key clue may be the success of left-handed athletes over right-handed competitors in one-on-one sports, the researchers say. Among tennis players, for example, champions such as John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Jimmy Connors, Rafael Nadal—the world’s current number one—are all left-handed.

Study co-author Charlotte Faurie found a close parallel in her study of homicides resulting from violent fights.

Because left-handers are less common, “their opponents will be surprised by the way they fight, and this will provide [lefties] an advantage,” she added.

“It’s exactly the same in tennis or in boxing or in any sport where there is face-to-face opposition,” Faurie added.

Faurie studied the use of traditional weapons such as knives and arrows.
But “it could be the same way with guns, because the direction of the bullet will also be different when it comes from the right or the left,” she said.

And “because left-handers have a strategic advantage in fights, [left-handers] become more frequent generation after generation, through natural selection,” Faurie said—though those gains are tempered by the evolutionary disadvantages.

Fight winners, she said, also “attract more sex partners and are therefore more likely to reproduce.”

Since mortal combat is traditionally a male activity, left-handed females didn’t need this deadly element of surprise. Yet left-handedness is most commonly passed from mothers to sons, Faurie noted.

“So for women, there could be an indirect advantage through [the success of] their sons,” she said.

Left-Handed Benefits

The left-handed 10 percent of humanity has a lot more to be thankful for than just fighting prowess.

The team noted, for example, that lefties are more likely to show better coordination between both hands. And gifted children with IQs higher than 131 are more likely to be left-handed.
The team also found that left-handed French men have a higher average income than right-handers, mirroring findings from other European countries.

Since economic status is known to promote reproductive success, those riches may result in higher birth rates for left-handers—and therefore more lefties, Faurie said.

Faurie said economic status is known to promote reproductive success, even in industrialized countries. And “in traditional society, having a higher socioeconomic status is strongly correlated to the number of offspring produced,” she said.

“That’s relevant in natural selection,” Faurie added, “because it increases the likelihood [one will] have a child,” Faurie added.


My favorite of all is the part I highlighted in orange. I have a good chance of passing left-handedness on if I have boys. I.am.so.excited. Left-handed people are FABULOUS 🙂

South paw OUT!

What A Weekend!

Our weekends start Sunday and end Tuesday thanks to the Mr’s workschedule, crime doesn’t take a day off you know, and this past weekend was OUTSTANDING!!!

One of Mr’s friends came to visit him and after yelling at and insulting Romo and his inept ability to throw nothing but his purse, what better to do with friends than to shoot wildlife? We went out to a family friend’s field to go dove hunting

After a while in the field, we decided to walk through some trees and “nature”, as I like to call it, to find some nearby tanks. I agreed to this nature walk not knowing it would take me 5 years with an expensive psychiatrist just to be able to sleep at night. THE SPIDERS WERE HUGE. I have never been a fan of spiders, even in our previous home on 5 acres spiders still scared the bajeebus out of me. These spiders weren’t your everyday small as a tic-tac spider. No no, these suckers were about the size of a 50-cent piece NO JOKE. There were red ones, white ones, brown ones, iridescent ones, they.were.everywhere. So I only did what I could do, I shot them with my shotgun. That is right folks, I shot them. A little overkill you say? Perhaps, but I didn’t have any 8 legged freaks walking around me that day. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating and we ended up getting only one bird that day about 15 minutes before we left.

On Monday, being the kind of person I am, I passed on the morning hunt. Something about getting up before the sun comes up just doesn’t sounds right. When the boys got back from the morning hunt they were empty handed. See? I was right. Moving along, I read the entire day for class that night while the boys got some sleep. When I had come back from class we ate fajitas real quick (nom nom nom) and decided to go back out to the field at about 11pm at night because Mr and MrBFF had put some corn out for hogs later on in the day. So we sat in the field for a good while with no.such.luck. BUT we weren’t leaving without a fight so we drove around looking for anything pigs, raccoons, etc and what do you know and armadillo comes walking out all gangster in front of the car. Not for long 🙂 Y’all can now feel a little safer driving now, the road is one less armadillo.

The most fun I had this weekend was by far Tuesday night. It had been raining on and off all.day.long. We went out to the field and all it was, was pure mud. These are terrible pictures because I was too busy playing in the mud during daytime and didn’t think to snap a pic until after the sun had gone down. I assure you, this was the only part that had any form of grass on it.

Seriously I had a blast, the only thing that could have made it better would be if we could have ridden on the 4-wheeler and got NASTY muddy. Some of the parts were quickmud (think quicksand, with dirt) I lost my shoes on multiple occassions and even needed assistance getting pulled out a few times because my feet were so sunken in. Those boots are suppose to be black.

I also made sure to stay on the most slippery parts as well, its only the most fun. I had mastered the slipperyness and was gliding and spinning and turning. I had done so well when we were finally leaving I was showing off my boss moves to the boys and almost ate it. I thankfully caught myself with just one hand, because that is how nifty I am.

Overall, it was the coolest weekend I have had in quite some time.

Insomnia Sucks

Seriously (I say seriously too much) I have yet to go to sleep tonight/this morning. My alarm clock goes off in T-minus 3.30 hours. This crap is really getting old. I have tried multiple things:

  • turning off the computer and all other stimulation [TV] off at 10:00. no dice
  • turning off the computer yet leaving the TV or radio on for hearing stimulation. FAIL
  • pills. hit or miss
  • “thinking about nothing”. uh yea right, trying to tell my brain to shut off is impossible
  • counting down, counting up, counting down by 3’s starting at 999, and counting up by squares or prime numbers. numbers are fun, wrong direction
  • hot milk. until winter comes along, not happening. all that would do would make me sleepy while lying awake sweating glistening like a pig
the list keeps going. Tonight’s sleep inducing activities include multiple songs stuck in my head, multiple questions going through my mind, hunting (dove mainly), still living in Dallas, writing 10+ different blog posts in my head (a few of them are really good, unfortunately you’ll have to wait on them), singing along to Sweeney Todd, learning about the crazy astronaut diaper lady thanks to the ID channel and I’m currently learning about the Heaven’s Gate cult again, thanks to the ID channel. The only thing I was looking forward to is my usual two friends that acompany me with my insomnia, Magic School Bus and The Adventures of Captain Planet. Unfortunately for me, my sleep hell delimma is happening on a Sunday morning and apparently the captain of our planet is off on the Sabbath.