Nice to Meet You, I’m A Girl

Our adventure today began this afternoon when the husband and I went to the deer lease being provided to the police officer for hunting this year. A few of the officers were heading over there to get to know the land as well as to work and get stuff prepared before season starts. When we get there (after leaving without the directions, unsuccessfully trying to drive there without a map and ending up calling Angie Thanks girl!!) I immediately begin to feel awkward. It.happens.every.time. I’m the only girl there. Not just the only wife, but the only person carrying the double X-chromosome. Well crap. Austen always tells me, “you’re one of the only cool wives, you like to do these things” Well its great to be cool and all, however, its hard to make female friends with the other wives when they aren’t there.

The other continuous issue taking place is the fact that now the boys time has suddenly turned to “Oh crap, be careful what you say because there’s a lady in the group” First off no worries, I don’t think I have EVER been called a lady in my life. I pride myself on that. Second, I just plain don’t care. Say what you want to say, do you not think I’ve heard worse before? YOU LOSE, I have. For the most part, I have the talented ability to make YOU blush. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having doors opened for me, I LOVE being respected as a woman from men, its one of the reasons why I love living in a smaller town; chivalry isn’t dead.

So Hello, I am a girl. I wear skirts. I have 2 pairs of pink boots. My hair is long enoug

h to braid and curl (even if it stays for just 5 minutes). I have a slightly higher pitched voice, and apparently have worse spatial ability than men (#9). But I am also sort of tomboyish in my love for hunting furry woodland creatures, physical labor, and my uncanny love for math (#3 in the previous link).

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