Not well thought out

I watched Meet the Robinson’s for the first time and can I say I’m in love! The little boy is a little nerd genius who has stolen my heart with all his inventions [he does have a point about needing the perfect amount of pb & j for a sandwich]. My other absolute favorite part is the T-Rex. Every time he says “I have a big head and little arms” absolutely slays me.

Seriously, Then to add “I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through” in T-Rexinese, I was in tears. Yes, a Disney movie has brought me to tears. It wasn’t the first time and Lord knows it won’t be the last. I am not ashamed to admit it.
Another not so well thought out plan has ruined my post for the night. You can thank the husband for that. At 8:45pm (or 2045 for those who work off of the 24 hour time) he called to inform me that the Abilene balloon festival was having their night glow tonight. I had the best of intentions to go out there and bring some great pictures to show you. However, the glow apparently started at 8:00pm so FAIL on the Mr’s part. I did however manage to snap this little treat for y’all. Enjoy

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