I’m amazing x1000

I usually don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’ve been pretty amazing recently.

We’ll start with the nerd cool awesomeness. I’ve been having a terrible issue with insomnia recently (not cool) so the other night while lying awake about about 2:30am I got struck with a genius idea. There HAS to be someone out there who has figured out how to create your own ringtones for Verizon phones. My good friend Google found that someone on YouTube. After a quick 2:30 video, I was a ringtone making fool. At that point in time I was so excited with myself I was squealing like a pig 12 year old girl. Seriously amazing. I can now make my own ringtones as well as ringtones for family and friends (if I like them enough) all through iTunes for FREE. SWEET!!!

Proof of my awesomeness #2 happened tonight. I was drooling over craving Chick-Fil-A lemonade like there was no tomorrow, but wasn’t interested in paying over $2 for a large. Bound and determined to figure this out myself I again visited my friend Google (one of my best friends really) and BAM there was my recipe right there! I am now sitting satisfied sippin’ on some Chick-Fil-A lemonade sans the over priced styrofoam cup (ok, a “nerd” pause, how about that alliteration! British Lit must be rubbing off of me. Next thing you know I’ll be reading this kind of stuff for fun *gasp*). Of course I had to do some calculations since the recipe I found created 2.5 gallons (and Lord knows I don’t need that much) but seriously, what would make me happier than to do MATH. There’s nothing really, math is proof that Jesus loves us. FYI:
I have also accepted the fact that I have an obsession undying love for Sweeney Todd. I’ve got this glorious movie DVR’d on my TV and have seen it no less than 8 times in the past week. Anything with both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp makes my heart pitter-pat, but something about Sweeney just has a special place in my heart. I luff it.


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