RIP Laptop

I’m writing today from a new computer:

after my laptop was tragically turned into an expensive paperweight in a mere 5 seconds.
Earlier this week while I was researching on-line, my laptop caught was bombarded by one , two , three? , FOUR?! , FIVE freaking viruses. I guess if you’re going to go out, you need to do it in a blaze of glory though and I’d have to say 2 critical, 2 high and 1 medium risk viruses all sucking the usefulness out of a laptop is a good way to go.
I’m trying to not kill learn Vista and might I say while few things are cool, overall I’m not impressed. Vista makes me want to stab someone with a hot, salty french fry and then force said stabee in a 6 hour line at the DMV to only find that they didn’t have all the necessary paperwork to get what they needed done and would have to return another day and wait in line again.
So lift your glass once more in honor and memory of my laptop. May you be the best paperweight you can be.

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