The school year has begun… again

Class this semester isn’t going to be my favorite semester I can already tell. The schedule is as follows:

  • British Literature – can anyone say ew? I am not a fan of English/Literature classes to begin with, much less adding a strange language and vocabulary on top of that? This class won’t end soon enough. Our first book we read was Beowulf, sounds exciting huh?
  • BCIS – aka Business and Computer Information Systems, i.e. Learn Microsoft Office. The entire class revolves around Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Access <–4 out of the 5 I have already taken and mastered in HIGH SCHOOL. Seriously, the first night he 'taught' the class about the start button on the bottom left hand part of your screen…No I'm not kidding.
  • History part 2 – actually, part 1. I took History from the Civil War to present day last Spring, I’m now studying History from the founding of America up to Civil War. Of all my classes, I guess this is the best. My only issues are he lectures for 3 hours straight (even on the first night!) and his lectures are more story-esque so taking notes has become strenuious trying to decide which is necessary to know vs. “added fun” he’s decided to thrust upon us. Oh and the room is cold. I hate cold rooms.

I can’t wait until this semester is over. After going through summer school 15 weeks for a class seems unnecessary when I can learn all the important things in 6 weeks.

Mr. Police Officer is going through his evaluation week THIS WEEK!! You read that right! Once this week is over, they’ll release the reigns and he’ll be all by himself, exciting huh? I see him in his uniform every week but for some reason I still find it hard to believe he’s a ‘cop’. Don’t ask me why, I just can’t see it. Maybe if he ever pulls me over I’ll be able to see him work first hand šŸ™‚

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