Tax-Free weekend

Tax-free weekend has always been a rush for retail stores and it isn’t any different for The Children’s Place. I just don’t understand it though, you only save $8 for every $100 you spend. Most parents don’t spend much to begin with, usually only about $25-$50 and is saving $2-$4 really worth it? I understand that kids have to have clothes for school, however here in Texas its too hot to wear the long-sleeved and long pant fall clothes retailers are stocked with right now. Most of the parents I delt with today made the comment “we’ll just wait until a little later, when it gets cooler in the season”. Besides saving a miniscule amount of money, is it really worth it to have to “throw bows” and fight with other customers? I don’t think so

There are a few days I will always avoid stores like the plague: tax-free weekend, the day after Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas. I don’t want to have to put up with unhappy customers as well as unhappy store staff who are having to deal with unhappy/rushing customers.


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