Have a baby shower happening soon?

Tired of the same old “Congratulations on the Baby” cake?

Can anybody see what that is? Its baby shower dessert for the 21st century, a fetus with an ipod on a cherry pie. What is even worse is that the customer actually ordered this PURPOSLY. And don’t dish out lame party favors for your guests any more. What better way to show your appreciation but to let them bite the heads off their own pastry babies!

Y’all have fun with that.

Tax-Free weekend

Tax-free weekend has always been a rush for retail stores and it isn’t any different for The Children’s Place. I just don’t understand it though, you only save $8 for every $100 you spend. Most parents don’t spend much to begin with, usually only about $25-$50 and is saving $2-$4 really worth it? I understand that kids have to have clothes for school, however here in Texas its too hot to wear the long-sleeved and long pant fall clothes retailers are stocked with right now. Most of the parents I delt with today made the comment “we’ll just wait until a little later, when it gets cooler in the season”. Besides saving a miniscule amount of money, is it really worth it to have to “throw bows” and fight with other customers? I don’t think so

There are a few days I will always avoid stores like the plague: tax-free weekend, the day after Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas. No.thank.you. I don’t want to have to put up with unhappy customers as well as unhappy store staff who are having to deal with unhappy/rushing customers.

Howdy Everybody!

What better way to keep up to date with everyone than with a blog, the newsletter of the 21st century!

This summer has been pretty spectacular so far, the main event is that the Mr. and I bought a house! You read that right, we’re now homeowners 🙂 I’ll have to add some pictures as soon as I get some taken.

I’ve restarted school this past spring semester to be a math teacher (this is the time everybody shudders, hides or asks me “WHY?!?!?!”) and I’ve continued to take classes during the summer. I must say I’m a little disappointed in my B I recently made in English because it killed my 4.0 but I’m still trucking along and I think I’m addicted to school. Hard to imagine, I know, but its true! I had this single week off before my fall semester begins and on Monday I was wishing we didn’t have a break at all so I could just start off with the next classes I’m taking. I just hope I stay this motivated to go to school for the next 3 years.

Mr. Police Officer is finishing up with his PTO program for the police force and after September 5th he’ll be done training and will be an officer! He’s enjoyed it so far and seems to be doing really well. He’s already got a name for himself among the other officers as being a “good guy” and helpful to those who need it.

Well internet, I think that is all I have to update for now. I’ll hopefully come back again soon!